Are there any other grunge fashion icon other than Kurt Cobain?

Yes, there were many other grunge fashion icons who helped to shape the style and aesthetic of the grunge music scene in the 1990s. Some of the other notable figures who were known for their grunge fashion styles include:
  1. Eddie Vedder, lead singer of Pearl Jam: Vedder was known for his laid-back style, often wearing thrift store flannels, baseball caps, and Converse sneakers.

  2. Layne Staley, lead singer of Alice in Chains: Staley had a distinctive style that combined elements of punk and grunge, often wearing black clothing, leather jackets, and combat boots.

  3. Chris Cornell, lead singer of Soundgarden: Cornell had a more polished and sophisticated grunge style, often wearing tailored suits and dress shoes in addition to more casual grunge staples like flannel shirts and Converse sneakers.

  4. Courtney Love, lead singer of Hole: Love was known for her eclectic and often controversial fashion sense, combining grunge elements like ripped and distressed clothing with more feminine and glam elements like lace, sequins, and fishnet stockings.

  5. Billy Corgan, lead singer of the Smashing Pumpkins: Corgan had a more eclectic and experimental fashion style, often mixing and matching different pieces and layering different textures and patterns.

These figures, along with other grunge musicians and artists, helped to popularize the grunge look and establish it as a distinctive and influential style in the 1990s.